We manage many types of businesses and are able to answer all your needs. Insurance, finance, real estate, travel, services, building works, car and health have no secret to us.

Each campaign is unique and this is why we cannot know the price in advance. However, we handle all remuneration options, such as CPL, CPC, CPM, CPA, etc.

We are constantly innovating to make sure that you get the best out of your campaigns. This is why we invented Real-Time Lead Scoring by Lapinson, a system that can score in real-time your leads thru a JavaScript code implemented on your landing pages. If you want to know more, go to our RTLS by Lapinson website.

Specialized in white-label, we are very reactive and we can reach out to your customized audience to get you the best leads. We're able to set up new campaigns within a day when you choose white-label designs. But of course, if you'd like to broadcast your own designs, we can do it as well! We even have our own internal studio to get you new email kits and landing pages. Just ask us!

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With our white-labelled designs, we're able to launch your campaigns in less than a day

Our Offer

Lead Generation

Generate B2C leads through our own network of editors in France and worldwide.

Our partners are able to get you the best databases to meet your needs and expectations.

We are able to broadcast your own campaigns or to create withe-labelled ones for you.

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Do you want to increase your sales using the email marketing canal? We've got what you need!

Generate newsletter inscriptions through our our own network of editors. Increase your sales and notoriety.

Create a long-term trusted relationship with your customers.

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You need to get a lot of leads to feed your salesmen or call-centre ? You're at the right place!

With our own databases and through our own campaigns, we can get you thousands of qualified leads.

We provide full contact information and deliver your leads by webservice.

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Get the best out of your campaigns!

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